Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's not noise, it's noise-y: Contemporary anti-pop...

So I've been thinking a lot recently about wh
ere the true frontier, the REAL hard edge of music is right now, where sounds incorporate enough discernible popular influence and enough uncomfortable noise to appeal to an audience that is bored with the status quo and frustrated with those that have dealt with stagnation by merely running as far away from the popular influence of the status quo as possible.

I was looking over a casual essay written by Vinyl Blight, one of the two visionaries in charge of the awesome-ly revolutionary Boston record label cum event production team, Vermin Street Arts and Media, and he seemed to be asking the same question.

" musically i have no more loyalties.
i used to think i'd be a junglist til i became old and senile, rocking out in the nursing home and such.
but i fell off...
i guess the question is, will any genre of electronic music stand the test of time?
and will i like it? i think in order to survive, the requirements are that a genre can grow, but remain within its own bounds."

There's a hunger that we feel, there's a hole in our hearts and a collective understanding that there's a musical feel out there, a combination of influences that has not yet been configured in one place. We're constantly on the creep for a sound that pulls together the noise, the bass, the beats, the speed, and the attitude, and I think we've only found it in a few contemporary artists.

Having dwelled on that for a while, I decided to put together an unofficial anthology of all of the hardest, fastest, nastiest contemporary beats that I could find throughout the internet. It will mostly fall under the umbrella header of Breakcore, the pissed-off, poorly-dressed cousin of the sexier, yet more exhausted sounds of Jungle and Drum n' Bass, but I'll also throw in some more-instrumental-less-electronic kinds of thrash and grind that I think are just fucking HARD HARD HARD yet not so far out that they're inaccessible. At least by my standards.

The tunes incorporate, without gimmick, the conflicting influences of beats and flows from hard hip-hop, the guitar chugs and squeels of hardcore and thrash, the over-saturated, synthetic qualities of earlier industrial music, and breakbeat chops-and-screws from high beat-per-minute electronic dance music. And then there's some straight noise/ambient/drone influence in there!

Here's the track list (no, it's not a mix, just a compilation):

CONTEMPORANEOUS, curated by Max Pearl aka DJ Kat Fyte.

Fuck The Prom Queen @ 200 Bpm - meconium
Blast Processing (MIDI Death Version) - The Ambience Project
Mobs Over Rob Me - Animosity & Drumcorps
Pornolove - Distonn
zombie sunset - Dev/Null
anti good music - so_so_gutter
Lip Goo - Kat Fyte v. Recs (unreleased)
panda pirate - Panda Pirate
china - CDR
Blast Processing - The Ambience Project
elzeba - Harry Poppins
Swallow - endometrium cuntplow
young bwoys first - Malaria Labs
koumon beats - CDR
How To Gate A Soul - Hyena
Stand Down - Kat Fyte v. Ludacris v. Mathhead v. Aaron Spectre (unreleased)
Wheelchair Chilla - meconium
It's Christmas Time - Mick Rippon


Thanks to all of the artists I've included in this anthology, we've got representation from Boston, Russia, Japan, Belgium, California, and pretty much all of the cool places you can think of. All of these tracks (aside from the original unreleased tracks) are available for free throughout the internet. Do your damn research if you like it, 'cuz I dont' have time to do it for you.


  1. That is a pretty tight comp you got there. Nice pick with "Zombie Sunset." Panda Pirate is great name btw.

  2. Thanks Justin, yeah it's nice to know that the best track on this compilation came out of Boston.

    The Japanese guy, CDR, is also on the label that released Dev/Null's most recent album, Cock Rock Disco. It's big shit!

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  4. Nice on for putting my track up here. Check out www.myspace.com/pandapirate for new shiite.

    Panda Pirate