Friday, April 24, 2009

Heads up Boston: Dead Video/Live Video

So sorry for the delay... it's been finals week for a month now and the work only just started to lighten up. I've emerged with one successful article on the politics of graffiti and the confrontation of the Other in a multiculturalist urban setting. This will be supplemented with media, reformatted, and posted here within the next few days. It will be available for download, and I'm sure some of you readers will have awesome and insightful things to say about it.

But right now, since this is indeed both a Boston-centric blog, and an experimental arts-and-culture blog, I'm excited to tell you all about an upcoming art-film-music festival that some friends of mine, including the one and only Zebbler (who you may remember from the Aqua Teen Terrorism Debacle), will be hosting at the Massachusetts College of Art.

The event is called "Dead/Live Video," and will go down on Saturday, May 2nd in the Mass. Art Pozen Center, a huge space with great acoustics. It will feature contributions from local, national and internationally known artists. The event goes from 3pm til midnight, and is a part of the 2009 Boston CyberArts Festival. There will supposedly be a bangin' after-party.

You're going to be getting a shit-load of short film from a handful of selected finalists, a healthy dose of electronica & psyched-out experimental music, and even a little bit of dance and performance art. Expect recorded video works from the likes of:

Allison Holt ---> Experiment 2
Andrea Wollensak ---> Weir Farm
Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) ---> Simple Extraction
Bloody Beetroots ---> WARP
CacheFlowe/Movax ---> Scaffolding - Rebuild
Dennis Miller ---> White Noise
Dr. T (Emile Tobenfeld) ---> Orange in Silver Morning
Eric Rasmussen ---> Infinite Range
Bob Weisz/Ray Tintori---> Chairlift - Evident Utencil
Play the Magic ---> Building Music
Subluxation ---> Relocation of Significant Structural Damage
Liz Thomas ---> Let Us Praise Famous Men: Abraham Lincoln
Mary Hamill ---> RegardDisregard
Meg Mitchell ---> Making Waves
Nancy Herman ---> Scriabin Prelude
Qian Li ---> Astonish
Qian Li ---> Epilogue
Richard Lainhart ---> One Year
Sawako ---> Flirting 07121601
Shawn Faherty/Nine Inch Nails ---> Ghosts 8

It's a fucking multi-disciplinary circus of psychedelic debauchery, with DJ Flack (from the Monday night Beat Research residency at the Enormous Room in Cambridge) "...performing an interactive animation piece where sounds and images are simultaneously triggered from his own 'guiboard' instrument," Psylab doing their live EDM thang, the QFWFQ duo working some experimental/sound-art madness, and so much other stuff. This is going to be so awesome. Big up to Zebbler and his affiliates for putting this together, I reckon it's going to be a highlight of 2009 for Boston-area art fiends.

$5 public admission, free for Mass Art Students... um yah and it's ALL AGEZ duh... DIRECTIONS.

Check out the linx, listen to some music, do some research. I'll be back with that article soon.

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