Saturday, July 25, 2009

New Graffiti Wall in Allston!

So, let me say I was completely floored when I was driving down Lincoln St. in Allston (on the other side of the North Harvard bridge), and I saw maybe eight artists working on four or five full-color, heavily-detailed graffiti productions in broad daylight.

Above the text pieces was the mammoth likeness of one Magneto (aka X-Men antagonist -- can you see the outline in the above photo?), and altogether, the work seemed too "edgy" to be commissioned in some sort of urban renewal endeavor or multiculturalist revival project. I figured it must be illegal. But when the vandalism squad showed up in an unmarked car, the awesome dude that organized this display simply showed them a permit from the building owner and the city, proving that in fact this work was commissioned! I was surpised... the art didn't contain any self-aggrandizing message of America's "melting pot" exceptionalism, or any of the "look at how we've overcome the obstacle of diversity and succeeded inspite of it" multi-ethnic mural kind of vibe. It's just sick word art and bad-ass X-men characters. Awesome.

[Cyclops wielding a SmartPhone -- I mean, let's be real, if Cyclops existed, why wouldn't he own a BlackBerry??]

This just goes to show, that if you're dealing with someone who's in a good mood, and you reach out to the proper authorities, you never know what kind of crazy project you could be granted license for. Granted, you could run up against a paranoid city official or endless, stifling beauracracy, but it's always worth a shot. When I asked this guy how he went about acquiring licsensing for the project, he said, "I just asked." So next time you want to throw a block party, or get a liscense for outdoor art, or setup a mini-festival in the park near your house, see what happens if you try and go the legitimate route, and maybe if you ask nicely, some city official will get down and hook you up. You never know.

[Great color scheme. Nice highlights and lighting in general. Tight, decisive lettering, and wonderful detail on the cracks and "blings" in the piece. Big ups BRYER.]

[Also dopeness, very fluid. Nice "chrome" effect with the exaggerated highlighting.]

[Work in progress. It only got better as I kept watching. He threw a bunch of dark reds in the shadows and sharpened up the outside lines.]

[More X-Men paraphernalia, love the Wolverine hands coming out both sides of the piece.]

Most of these pieces were unfinished at the time. I'm gonna head back in a few days and get flicks of all of the finished work. Check for updates.

ALSO, I just confirmed Saturday, August 1st at the Savant Project in Mission Hill with myself, DJ Kat Fyte + my partner in bass, DJ Skunk. We will be spinning Dubstep, B-More, and Electro from 11 to 1AM. It's 18+, there's no cover, and they've got PBR for $1.50 EACH!! Here's a link to a SUPER pop mash-up mix I just recorded today using Ableton Live. We will both be spinning vinyl next Saturday, though. BRING YA DANCIN' SHOOZ

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